TRLcam is a design and manufacturing company providing custom photography equipment and accessories.  We specialize in cost effective and innovative solutions for professional and enthusiast photographers.

Timelapse Camera Systems

The TRLcam timelapse camera system utilizes a custom intervalometer that uses GPS technology to set the start/stop clock.  The controller uses the latitude and longitude to calculate the sunrise and sunset at the camera location.  The sun rises and sets at a different time every day so the camera should follow nature’s timetable.  Our timelapse controller interval is user adjustable by means of simple switches.  Options include wireless upload of images using cellular technology and photo confirmation using satellite technology.

Camera Trap Systems

Camera trapping has been around for many years.  The advent of the digital SLR camera has opened doors to enhanced image quality for truly stunning images of animals in their natural habitat that would otherwise go unseen.  TRLcam builds custom camera trap systems utilizing the latest in DSLR or mirrorless cameras and motion detection technology.  Our fabrication shop is equipped with the latest electronic test and prototype equipment to ensure a quality camera trap system.

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